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 Screen capture of Computer Games Site
 The Zombees Challenge came to ET Productions with little more than a CD full of product shots and a dream. We worked with the store owner to categorize, organize and adequately describe his products, and then set to work building a Yahoo Store that would fit the fun, whimsical nature of the marketplace while also meeting the demanding needs of customers. We developed the look and feel of the site right down to Logo design.
      Products had to be easy to find. Users should be able to buy on first sight or drill down to ever deeper levels of product information.
 How we Met the Challenge
We wanted a front page with powerful visual cues saying "Fun Zone!" The logo and Zomboy mascot we developed gave us that and were easily scaled to produce a compact header for inner pages. We chose a multi-column look for the front page, allowing us to show an actual example of every major category of product in the store.
      We used custom RTML to meet the challenge of displaying layered depth of product information. Note in the screen capture below the row of icons just under the right side of the page header. These immediately let the reader know critical information about the game platform, genre, rating, number of players, etc.Screen capture of a product page
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ET Productions portfolio of web design and writing work