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Builder2Site--Availability Module
The required Availability Module is woven throughout the Builder2Site Product. It gives the package its real-time immediacy, and influences the look and feel of pages throughout your site. In the Home Model Zoom Page, shown below, the links in the right column are location links.
Builder2site--Home Model Zoom Page showing availability for this modelWhy field customer calls about a Model 001 in your Metropolis Hills Development when the last available unit was sold a week ago? Keep your Web site up to the minute accurate with your real-time inventory of homes. Concentrate your staff's sales efforts toward selling things you actually have.

Availability of a given home model can be cycled in the admin section at any time for any location. As soon as the last available Model in a location sells, your office can take it off the Web. That immediately affects every page you see shown here. Break ground for another of the model and your admin person can add it right back into the website. No need for the availability list to ever be out of date. Look at the features the Availability Module boasts:
bullet Shows each model's availability in each location.
bullet Updateable from admin section whenever sales occur.
bullet Admin changes to availability reflect on both Locations and Models pages as soon as admin changes are published.
bullet Changing availability is no more complicated than clicking Yes of No radio buttons. So simple even the boss can do it.
bullet Switch availability to Yes when you decide--at ground breaking, closing in or driving the last final paint.

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 Shop by Home or Location?
The Location Details page lists every model available at a given location
The Locations Detail Page lists links to every home model available at that location. It's perfect for users who care most about where they live.

The Home Models Page lists thumbs and location links for every model.
The Home Models Page shows a thumb of each model, links to Zoom, Floor Plan and Specs, and a list of each location where a given model is available. It fits the home shopper who is flexible about location but wants a specific set of features in their new home.

The Floor Plan page also shows locations where the model is available.
The Specs Page shows a half-page image of the home and also provides detailed specifications and links to Zoom, Floor Plan and available locations.

The Floor Plan page also shows locations where the model is available.
The Floor Plan Page shows a full-page plan of the home and also provides detailed specifications and links to Zoom, Specs and available locations.


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