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Bookmarks Make it Easy to Return
Bookmarks make it easy for a visitor to find their way back to your site
Bookmarks (like those shown above in the Firefox browser) provide users a great way to map out and return to their favorite spots on the Internet. Should your site be one of these favorites, it's a good idea to help the user bookmark it.
bullet Simple One-Click Bookmarking in IE. Your visitors who use IE 4 and above can bookmark your site with a single click of a "Bookmark this Site" link.
bullet How-To Instructions for Non-IE. Only IE supports this auto-bookmarking. For users with other browsers, the BookmarkMe script gives the user an alert box with simple-to-follow instructions telling how to bookmark your page in their browser of choice.
bullet Fails Gracefully. The script does not produce any awkward behavior if JavaScript is not supported by a visitor's browser or if the user has turned JavaScript support off.

Help Visitors Bookmark Your Site
Bookmark script makes it easy to return to your spot
Bookmarks work on the Internet just as handily as they do in print media. Add a bookmark and it's easy to jump right back to a specific place you were previously reading.
      Our BookmarkMe JavaScript takes advantage of a browser-specific feature of Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It adds a site to the IE user's bookmarks when a link is clicked.
      NOTE: IE is the only browser that supports this. It probably should not. Microsoft's push to take all the thinking away for the end users and hand it over to web programmers is in large part responsible for the constant stream of security warnings that plague the IE Browser. For other browsers, our script displays text instructions on how to bookmark the page.

Site Requirements
This option is available for all Yahoo! and non-Yahoo! Stores. It works only with Internet Explorer.
Pricing (Installed):


This covers adding the script to all pages of a Yahoo! Store or a single page of stores lacking any method of posting a variable to all pages from a single location.

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