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Breadcrumbs--Not Hansel & Gretel Style
Breadcrumbs for Yahoo! Stores and Custom Stores
Breadcrumbs--those little trails back to the home page that you see on many large web sites (See above). If your site has only a few pages, you probably don't need breadcrumbs. Nobody is going to get lost anyway. But if your site is large, particularly if it has many layers of categories and sub-categories, breadcrumbs may provide a welcome anchor to visitors--helping them figure out where they are in the site, and how to get where they wish to go.

* Pricing assumes that your store does not use custom templates. If store uses custom templates we must review the templates before giving pricing.


Website Enhancement Modules
Breadcrumbs are named for the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, where the poor children scatter a trail of breadcrumbs as they explore the forrest, expecting to be able to follow those breadcrumbs back home. Unfortunately for them, the birds swooped down behind them and gobbled up their trail markers. Not to worry. We use bird-proof crumbs for this option.

You might reasonably ask, if Breadcrumbs are so great, why don't you use them? After all, this is a big site, isn't it. Yes, it is. On our next revamp, we will add breadcrumbs. This site has grown to the point we do need them. They'd be here today but for the old saying, "the cobbler's son goes without shoes. We stay so busy it's tough to find tome to fix up our own home page.

Custom Stores & Yahoo! Stores designers
This tool can be added to Custom Cart implementations and to all versions of Yahoo! Stores from the Legacy version through Merchant Solutions Professional.

This Option: $29.95*

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