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Builder2Site--Home Builder's Site Builder
Real estate developers. Are you looking for the perfect solution to a low cost, high quality, up-to-date Web site? If so, you just found it. Our CMS driven Builder2Site package lets you have a powerful, constantly updated Web site without the cost of a webmaster to manage and update it.
Builder2site--the perfect solution to a low cost, high quality, up-to-date Web site. Start with a hard-hitting home page like that shown above. The opening page template is designed to visually and textually brands your site. We fully customize it to suit your logo and your business plan. In show-and-tell clarity, it says who you are, what sort of homes you specialize in and what states you serve. It not only shows houses--it shows homes. It shows people enjoying living in the quality products you produce. Our template does not force you into a cookie-cutter look. It lets you easily brand your site and define your business in an engaging way that keeps visitors involved and clicking for more. Need even more pizzazz? Add our optional Dash-of-Flash Module to "Kick it up a notch".
      Beyond the front-page template, powerful modules form the core of the program, and automatically build your pages as you build your developments. All you do to create a great site is fill in blanks on a form and click to add information to your site's database.
bullet More Site--Less $. Why pay as much or more for a static HTML site, then pay again every time you need a minor change?
bullet Locations Module. This package is the starting point for developing a successful Home Builder website and is created with high performance and scalable technology using PHP and MySQL. Supports two levels of locations, thisCity / thisCounty and thisDevelopment / thisCommunity.
bullet Homes Module. Produces a beautiful set of pages with easy-to-use drill down detail on every home model you offer.
bullet Availability Module. Availability of a given home model can be cycled in the admin section at any time for any location. No need for the availability list to ever be out of date.
bullet Powerful Options. Extend the capability of your site with an array of powerful options that let you add capacity and interactivity only as it is needed.

What is a CMS?
Question! What is a content management system or CMS?
CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply put, it is software that lets you update, add to, and delete from your website without having to use any special web design skills. You just log into an admin section of your site and modify text and graphics using a set of forms. For instance, the page to the left is created by a form that lets the user specify the header, the headline and paragraph content, and bullet points in the left column, and the graphic and links in the right column. Open the form. Highlight a bit of text and type over it, submit the form and click to publish the site. Your front page now shows your text changes.
      No HTML editor needed. No FTP program to manage. No CSS. No webmaster. Any secretary can easily be trained to use our Builder2Site CMS package to keep your site up to date and expand it as each new development is begun.
      Need to know more? The Module links to the left will take you to more info about the powerful, flexible features of our Builder2Site package.

Site Requirements
Requires Apache server with PHP 4.3.2 or above and MySQL 4.0.22 or above. If you do not already have appropriate Web server space, we can provide it. There will be a charge for the study time required to configure the system to run on an unfamiliar server.
Base Pricing:


This covers installation on our server. Add $191.40 for first year of hosting. Setup charge waived on our server. For installation on your selected server, add $100/hr. setup fees. Typical is 2 to 3 hours.


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