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Making Lists as Easy as !, 2, 3!
Bullet and Numbered lists make it easy to scan a site and find the information you are seeking
Bulletizer-Basic--How Does it Work?
Bulletizer-Basic is so simple to use you can master it in a 3-minute lesson. You add your main paragraph text in one text area. Just type it in like you would type out an e-mail message. Then add your bullet list in the Bulletizer text input. Enter two carriage returns after each bullet point, just as you would create paragraph text in an e-mail. Bulletizer-Basic steps through the text you entered and creates each double-spaced item into a bullet point. It spits out perfectly formatted HTML completely compliant with HTML 4.01 Specifications.

Bulletizer-Bold--How Does it Work?
Anything you want as plain paragraph text you preface with [p]. You start a bullet list with [bs] and end it with [be] and each bullet point text within those symbols, you simply type out the text and follow it with 2 carriage returns. With this strategy, you can build paragraphs and bullet lists in any order and number desired, and can even do nested bullet lists. Likewise, [ns] and [ne] start and stop a numbered list. Mix and match them anyway your text requires. Instructions are included for some vary basic HTML markup that will let you add Bold Text, Italics and even Headlines in the style of your site.

Custom Stores & Yahoo! Stores designers
Either of these tools can be added to Custom Cart implementations and to all versions of Yahoo! Stores from the Legacy version through Merchant Solutions Professional.

Why Use Bullet Lists?
  • It's how we like to read.
  • Helps users grab facts fast
  • Guides eyes to key content.

Web surfers are notoriously impatient. They want quick information. Help them find what they're looking for faster and easier, and you win a customer.

Bullet and Numbered Lists Help.
We have years of experience quickly scanning text in the newspaper, books, advertising and the media. We've learned to use bullet list, numbered lists and headlines to help us quickly assess what's there. We'll take the time to read more--but only so long as our first quick scan convinces us we're in the right place to find the information we're seeking
      We have two versions of the bulletizer. The basic list builder is a large text input area. You just type in sentences separated by two carriage returns.
      Bulletizer-Basic turns that simple text into a perfectly formatted HTML bullet list. No HTML markup required. Want more formatting capability?
      Bulletizer-Bold lets you generate plain paragraphs, bullet lists, nested bullet lists, double-spaced lists, numbered lists. And you can mix and match them however your heart desires. Our Bulletizer-Bold is the next best thing to having a full-time web designer on staff to turn out beautiful, highly readable product descriptions and other text for your site.

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* If a Yahoo! Store uses custom RTML, we must review the programming before giving pricing.


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