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Checkout Page Customized to Look and Feel of Store
Checkout Page of Yahoo! Cart Customized to Store Look
This baby clothing store uses a whimsical background and kinder-junk design. Here, the store's look and feel has been carried right through the checkout pages, boosting customer confidence that they haven't somehow landed on an altogether different site when they proceed to the cart and checkout. Here, we have combined Bill and Shipping addresses on a single page with the cart contents shown in the right column.

      HTML Conversion -- If you have a Legacy Yahoo Store or a early Merchant Solutions store using V2 templates, you will need to add the XHTML conversion option. We convert your HTML 4.01 Loose into XHTML 1.0 Strict so that it will display properly in the cart. It is not possible to use HTML 4.01 as is in the new checkout manager.
      Add Left Navigation -- Note that it is possible to bring left navigation into the cart and even the checkout pages, but you might prefer not to do this, especially on the checkout pages. Having shopping links in the cart only is fine on stores where customers routinely buy multiple items. But left navigation links can also distract a customer. When clicked in the checkout process, they often distract the user to the point they never return to complete the order process.
      100% Width -- Some modern sites use what is called Liquid Design. The site flows out to fill any screen instead of leaving large areas of margin on high resolution display monitors. We can make your cart mirror your site's liquid design.
      Custom HTML Field -- We can add custom HTML fields at specific points in the cart, letting you display custom messages, etc.
      Custom JavaScript -- We can add JavaScript to implement messaging or order checking functions. For a quote on custom scripting, consult us with your ideas.

Custom Stores & Yahoo! Stores designers
These customizations can be added to Custom Cart implementations and to all versions of Yahoo! Stores from the Legacy version through Merchant Solutions Professional.

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* If a Yahoo! Store uses custom RTML, we must review the programming before giving pricing.


Checkout Manager -- A Wealth of Control
Yahoo's Powerful new XHTML Checkout Manager makes it possible to match your checkout pages with the look and feel of the rest of the site. This boosts order conversions. When the checkout pages look entirely different from the store pages, users may fear that they have been hijacked by some rogue site. By making the checkout pages look like the store, shoppers know who they are doing business with, and are much more likely to complete their order.

Default Checkout Manager
Checkout Manager with Default Settings

This is what the cart looks like in the new Checkout Manager right out of the box. To the left, you see what's possible in customization.
      We strongly recommend that if your products tend to be associated with lots of accessories, you invest the extra bit in the true cross-sell. If, on the other hand, you have little or no accessory items, an up-sell is the way to go. While the up-sell items are all on the parent section page, it's quite possible a customer arrives on your item page from a link or search engine, and will appreciate the improved versions offered in the up-sell.

Checkout Manager Customization

Item#: cart-custom

HTML to XHTML Conversion:

Add Left Navigation:

100% Width, Fits All Screens:

Add Custom HTML Fields:


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