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WebEdit Content Management System (CMS)
Content management system
No need to be an HTML whiz. WebEdit makes it easy to format text, add images, position things where you want them on a page, even add a flash animation.
      Your product captions no longer have to look like a block of plain text. Add all the pizzazz that professional Web Developers display on top name web sites.
bullet No Training Needed. If you can use Microsoft Word or a similar Word Processor, you can use WebEdit.
bullet Tool Tips for Each Tool Icon. Not sure what a certain icon does. Pause your cursor over it to get a text tip stating exactly what it is.
bullet Over 60 Powerful Features. HTML 4.1 or XHTML output, full stylesheet support, edit full page/HTML snippet, hide buttons, integrated save button and more.
bullet Deatailed Quick-Start Guide. Everything you need to know to setup and use DevEdit in your content management system.
bullet Upload Images from Your Hard Drive. Upload images directly into your content using the powerful DevEdit image manager. You can also disable image uploading and image deleting by calling the DisableImageUploading and DisableImageDeleting functions!
bullet Upload Flash Movies! Upload flash movies directly into your content using the powerful DevEdit flash manager. You can also disable flash uploading and flash deleting by calling the DisableFlashUploading and DisableFlashDeleting functions!
bullet Road-Warior Friendly. Create/edit HTML content from your browser, anywhere, anytime!
bullet Create XML Compliant COntent. Produce XHTML-compliant output. Even if you load a non-compliant piece of HTML, DevEdit will convert it to XHTML. This feature can be turned on or off as required for your site.

Break the Plain-Text Barrier
Our WebEdit Content Management System (CMS) turns an ordinary Textarea on a form into a powerful HTML WYSIWYG (What YOu See Is What You Get) editor. WebEdit creates a formatting tool bar (seen at left) above the WYSIWYG area and a HTML source code box below it. Use it just like you would use Microsoft Word or any formatting page maker program to add graphics, change text styles and colors, create numbered and bullet lists, etc.
      If you're tired of plain text captions in your Yahoo! Store, this is the tool for you. We create a WYSIWYG editor page for you. Use it to generate snippets of HTML for your captions. you can then cut and paste them into the caption field of your editor pages. Create pages that thrill the eyes of your visitors and sell your wares like a beautiful, glossy catalog.

Site Requirements
This option is available for both Legacy and Merchant Solutions Yahoo! Stores, but can be integrated seamlessly into the front-end of a Merchant Solutions store. In legacy Stores, it. In addition, this tool can be installed on most other cart platforms running PHP, ASP or ASP.Net. Contact us for feasibility and pricing for non Yahoo! carts.

User Requirements
You must us Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher to use the CMS features in WebEdit.
Pricing (Installed):


Price quoted is for a single editor page in either Snippet or Page mode. For integration into existing applications or more extensive installations, please consult us for pricing.

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