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Dash-of-Flash--Attention Getter

Flash animations can be used to make text slide onto or fade into a page, sparkle, scramble up and resort itself, or just about any effect you can imagine. Animations can add all the same effects to an image or drawing. Flash allows effects like a sparkling tag line with starbursts that appear on the letters, twinkle for a moment, then fade away, animated images that show just what your product or service is, and so forth.
      Your imagination is one limiting factor, but not the only one. Download time is another important consideration. Graphic animations in raster format download quickly. Raster graphic animations take much longer. Graphics with synchronized sound even more time and slowest is videos with motion pictures and synchronized sound.
      We can supply any of these, but please consider the impact to users of your site. Avoid use of flash for mission-critical messages or provide a flash-free alternative in case the user does not have or want the flash viewer. Work with us to develop a strategy for the Dash-of-Flash approach so that your site loads quickly and delivers as well on user satisfaction and search engine friendliness as it does on razzle dazzle.

* This includes a up to two flash chunks of no more than 300 x 200 pixels each. Flash chunks can be either text animations or graphic animations in vector or raster format. Vector or raster art for animations must be either obtained by customer from stock photo agencies, or otherwise provided by customer. For Flash that goes beyond these specifications. please consult ET Productions for pricing.


Website Enhancement Modules
Flash has its place in Website production. It adds pizzazz and "ooh-ahh" value, especially in the eyes of newcomers to the Web. We can include a dash of flash to make your site look totally up to date and/or to direct users eyes to your core message.
      However, we need to warn that, like most good things, they are best taken in moderation. Too much motion can be quite distracting. The little whirling dervishes drag your eyes away from reading vital text. Worse, flash sections score VERY poorly in search engines. Also, as animations increase in size and complexity, they take longer times to load. Too long, and the user leaves thinking your site is broken. Lastly, if the user's computer doesn't have the proper brand and version of flash player installed and set up as a helper application for their browser, all they will see is a message telling them to click to some other website and install the flash viewer. Not too surprisingly, few follow that suggestion. Most are terrified it's some hacker plot to pump their computer with worms and trojans.
      That's why we recommend the Dash-of-Flash approach. We add just enough Flash to add interest and direct the user's focus, but not so much the page is lost in search engines or can't stand on its own two feet if the user's system doesn't support flash.

Site Requirements
This option can be added to most commercial servers including Yahoo! Merchant Solutions stores. Yahoo! Stores invoke special SEO considerations when using FLash. Please consult ET Productions before ordering Flash for a Yahoo! Store.

This Option: $569.95*

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