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Database development and integration with SQL Server and Microsoft Access

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Tame those Files
Microsoft SQL and Access databases let us tame those files for you.Data management is the lifeblood of business today. Being able to lay your hands on the right file at the moment it is needed can mean the difference between stunning success and lost opportunity. Let us put our relational database management expertise to work for you, taming those overflowing stacks of files. We can develop Internet and Intranet sites driven by databases.
Data When You Need It
Let your field sales staff access real-time inventory and stock delivery data. Build a retail sales engine that NEVER forgets to ask about useful options for a customer's purchase. Make finding the right spare parts for items you sell as easy as 1, 2, 3. Deploy smart shipping that interfaces with UPS, Fedex and the Post Office and allows customers multiple delivery options and package tracking. 
Database Expertise
Offering these relational database technologies for your information management needs:
bullet Yahoo! Store databases.
bullet MySQL for UNIX & Linux.
bullet Microsoft SQL 2000 for WinNT.
bullet Microsoft Access for small WinNT databases.
bullet PHP programming for UNIX SQL interfaces.
bullet ASP programming for SQL or Access interfaces on WinNT.
bullet Backend data manipulation programming in C++ and Java for WinNT and UNIX.
Contact us with the specifics of your information management project and let us put our systems analysis expertise to work taming your files.
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