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Keep Your Best Customers Happy
Give your preferred customers a discount
Every store has key customers, those individuals who buy the most and are the most loyal to the store. Channel marketing is a term applied to finding those key customers and doing everything you can to retain them as customers--to lock them into a channel of buying from you. Key customers vary by store. They might be:
Possible Uses
bullet Subscriber Discount
bullet Member Discount
bullet Buying Clubs
bullet Seniors Discount
bullet Military Discount
bullet Preferred Customer Discount
Discount Module Features
bullet Definable Discount Group.
bullet Discount Member registration with login and lost password auto-recovery.
bullet Display possible aggregate savings (Membership, Subscriber, Buying CLub savings) to encourage sign-ups. If used as a frequent buyer reward, this feature can be turned off.
bullet Discount all products, or only certain ones. Discount can be enabled or disabled on a per-product basis in the Yahoo! Store Editor.
Offer Key Customer Discounts
We developed this tool for Elevator World, a publishing firm with a magazine targeted toward elevator and escalator owners, operators and service personnel. They wanted subscribers to Elevator World Magazine be able to get a 15% discount in their Book Store.
      The idea was to show customers how much they could save on each book order. In many cases, the aggregate savings on one purchase would be greater than the cost of a subscription, so subscribing was a no-brainer. Get more, pay less. And of course, it was an economic win for Elevator world. More subscribers equals more advertising dollars
      We've since adapted the technology to the needs of the Boston Museum of Fine Art, allowing museum members to shop the Museum Store on-line and get their member discount. The same idea applies. Show the savings available to encourage museum membership.

Store Requirements
This tool is only available for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Standard and above Stores. It cannot be installed in a legacy Yahoo! Store. Contact us if you are interested in having us port it to a PHP or ASP cart outside Yahoo!.

This Option: $750.00*
* Pricing assumes that your store does not use custom templates. If store uses custom templates we must review the templates before giving pricing.

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