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Exit Polling--Three Custom Surveys
You get 3 custom surveys, the Abandoned Cart Survey, the Completed Cart Survey and the No Cart Survey. You can use the admin section for the surveys to set up to 10 questions for each of the surveys. Ask what you want, and change the questions as customer feedback or changing market conditions show you new areas to explore.
      Turn each of these Exit Poll Surveys on or off as you see fit. Read the responses in e-mail or have them saved in your Merchant Solutions store's MySQL database, and read them in the Admin section. Export CSV files from MySQL and open the CSV for number crunching in a spreadsheet like Excel®  or desktop database like Access®.
      Here are just a few suggestions about what you might want to ask:
Abandoned Cart
bullet What did you visit our store to find?
bullet Did you find it?
bullet Was our price fair?
bullet Were our shipping methods acceptable?
bullet Was our stock adequate?
bullet Were our terms of sale OK?
bullet Why did you decide not to purchase the items you added to your cart?
bullet How can we serve you better the next time you visit our store?
Completed Cart
bullet How was your shopping experience?
bullet How do we compare to other Internet stores?
bullet How can we improve your future shopping?
Exit Before Cart
bullet Did we have the merchandise you wanted?
bullet What should we add to the products we carry?
bullet What could we do to make our store your Internet destination for goods of this kind?
Cart Abandoned--Ever Wonder Why?
We all do it from time to time. Add something to a cart to see how much for shipping. Or because we're not sure, and we change our minds. But as a store owner, it can drive you half mad. Particularly when a large percentage of the people who add something to their cart never complete the purchase process. Every wonder why? Well. this tool lets you ask them.
      The Exit Poll can be set up to present any or all of 3 surveys. One is for abandoned carts. When a shopper adds something to their cart and then decides to leave the store without completing the purchase, the Exit Poll tool opens a popup asking them what went wrong. It's not obtrusive, and it's easy to decline the survey. But a large number of users will give you their feedback and it can be a precious resource in spotting weak points in your on-line marketing presence.
      The second one is for people who complete a purchase. You might ask how they found your store and gather the shopper's impressions about your wares and your checkout process.
      The third option is a survey for people who choose to leave the store without ever adding anything to the cart. You might want to ask them what they were looking for, and what made them decide you could not meet their needs.

Store Requirements
This tool is only available for Yahoo! Merchant Solutions Stores. It cannot be installed in a legacy Yahoo! Store.

This Option: $750.00*
* Pricing assumes that your store does not use custom templates. If store uses custom templates we must review the templates before giving pricing.

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