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Builder2Site--Homes Module Shows Home Models
The Homes Module is a required part of Builder2SIte. It is where you show your homes in all their glowing detail. Visitors can start by looking at the Home Models Page, shown below. Here they can look at all the home models you offer, browsing thumbnail images, short descriptions and location links showing where that model is available.
Builder2site--the Homes Module is the heart of the Home Sales capability of the program
Site visitors who are more interested in a specific location can start their search on the locations page mapping, finding a development where they would like to live and then viewing the home models available at that location. Whichever route they choose, they end up in the Homes Module. This is where you sell your home models. The Homes Module Produces beautiful pages with easy-to-use drill down detail on every home model you offer. Features include:
bullet Model overview page shows each model you offer with thumbnail view, zoom-in button for full-page elevation, specification sheet button, floor-plan button and quick-look specs and clickable list of locations where this model is currently available.
bullet Allows Model Number and Model name control. Model number is true control and model name can change for each location. So if you build a model 001 in a Golf community and in a lakeside wooded community, model 001 could be called the Arnold Palmer in one place and the Lakeside Birch in the other.
bullet Zoom-in Page with a full-screen elevation drawing or photo for the selected model with links to the home model's specification sheet, page-wide floor plan and links to each location where the model is currently available.
bullet Spec Sheet Page leads to detailed model description page showing a half-page elevation shot and listing basic specs, description, amenities, additional info with links to floor plan and zoom page, and locations list showing communities / developments where this model is currently available.
bullet Floor Plan Page shows a full-screen floor plan plus links to Zoom Page, Specs Page and Locations.

More Features than a Spec Home
Zoom in view of a home model.
The zoom button on the Home Models page takes users to a full-page view of the home. You can use a photo if a finished home has been built, or elevation drawings for models not yet available for photography. On the Zoom Page, there are quick specs and a list of links to locations where the model is available. There are also links to the Floor Plan Page and Detailed Specs page, seen below.

The Floor Plan Page
The Floor Plan Page

The Detailed Home Model Specification Page
The Detailed Specs Page

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