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Last Revision Script
Above you see the actual output of the script. Since we use JavaScript to write the entire line of text circled in red, the script fails gracefully on user systems that either do not support JavaScript of have it disabled. Such systems see the footer intact but without any mention of last revision date.
bullet Completely Automatic. As the website owner, you do not have to do anything but update your site in your usual way. The last update script works from file revision dates stored by the web server, and prints this date information to your page/s.
bullet Platform Independent. Since the script is executed client side by the user's browser, it works on all sorts of web servers.
bullet Lets Users See How Current Info Is. If you are not updating your site regularly, you better start doing so. Cob webs are as out of style on the Internet as last weeks newspaper is in print media.
bullet Lets Users See How Current Info Is. Since current into is so important for Internet success (and for Search Engine success) you need to know when each of your pages was last updated. This tool makes ti easy for you as a site owner to view vital information about how current each of your pages is.
Last Update? Good for Users
Web surfer's want to read today's news, not the cob web. Let them know that your site is updated on a regular basis. This simple script lets your visitors see for themselves how current a given page is.

Last Update? Good for Site Owners
Which page on your site is most out of date? Where should you focus your limited time and resources on bring things more current. If someone copies your content, when did you publish it? This simple script can provide you the answers those vital questions.

NOTE: Not for Yahoo! Stores.
Due to a recent change in Yahoo!'s web server configuration, this option will NOT currently work on a Yahoo! Legacy or Merchant Solutions store. Yahoo! has modified their servers to send an HTTP header showing the Last-Modified field as the current date and time instead of the correct value, which is the date and time that the HTML page was last changed on the servers. We have contacted Yahoo! about this issue, but have yet to get any satisfactory answers.

This Option: $25.00 Installed*
* For Yahoo! Stores, this pricing assumes that your site does not use custom templates. If store uses custom templates we must review the templates before giving pricing. Pricing assumes that the script output is displayed in your final text. For other display locations, please request pricing.
      For sites using any other platform, please consult us for installation pricing.

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