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SEO Needed? Link Builder is a Must Have!
ET's not just saying that. We use LinkBuilder on our own site, and it has been an invaluable help to us. We now have nearly 500 link partners. Google has found 434 of them. We would never be able to maintain and police such a large list of links by hand. Look what LinkBuilder does for us, then put it to work doing this vital SEO work for your site.
bullet Search Engine Friendly. Pure HTML links pages. Respects robots.txt files. Not a FFA link farm. You can carefully select link partners so only relevant, similar focus sites are included.
bullet Auto Link Add. Provides a page with a form where webmasters with compatible links can submit their link to be considered for addition to your site.
bullet Auto Verify Reciprocation. The LinkBuilder bot checks to verify reciprocation. No need to visit a site requesting their link to be added. The tools tell you whether or not the link is reciprocated. And after a link is accepted, the bot continues to periodically check that it is maintained. It notifies you if a webmaster deletes your link.
bullet Point & Click Link Approval. Review each link request. You can either approve or refuse any link based on your own standards. LinkBuilder even automates e-mailing your decision to the requesting webmaster.
bullet Auto E-mail Reciprocation Reminders. If a webmaster requests a link but has not added your link to their site, or if your reciprocal link disappears after the exchange, LinkBuilder will e-mail them for you, telling them what's wrong and how to correct it. You have only to click the "E-mail Reciprocal Link Reminder" button.
bullet Import Your Current Links. No retyping necessary. The tool will read the existing links from your links page.
bullet Category Control. Separate your links into multiple pages with a category or sub category to a page. LinkBuilder lets you add or modify categories by just filling in a form.
bullet Auto FTP Upload. No need to transfer newly approved links to your site. The LinkBuilder bot auto FTPs all changes 3 times an hour. So links you approve will show up live on your site within 20 minutes..
bullet Password Editing for Web Masters. Webmasters with links on your pages are automatically e-mailed a password. With this password, they can edit their link text at any time. Any changes they make are sent to you for approval before they are displayed on the site.
bullet Create Most Popular Links List. Just turn on the Most Popular Links feature to show which links are most often used.
bullet Featured Links. Let's you display selected links in a prominent position.
Links Lift Web to New Media Heights
Links are the most powerful SEO tool
What made the World Wide Web such an explosively popular medium? Links. Other media offer text, graphics, motion, sound. But links are the thing that set the WWW apart from every other form of media ever invented.
      Links also are the primary driving force behind Google Page Rank (PR). Building an active links page is one of the best investments you can make in improving your search engine position. And it costs so little to do. Why throw away money in costly Pay Per Click ads? Add this tool to your site and watch the free search hits grow with each new link you gain.

Site Requirements
Yahoo! Stores must be Merchant Solutions or Legacy Yahoo! Store.

Pricing (Installed):
Y! Stores:


Non-Y! Stores


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