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Marketing = Building by a Plan
Internet Marketing for web sites using search enginesAt the simplest level, you can build a home page with little more than a logo and contact information. While this can be done quite economically, it is of little value. Most web users expect more from their on-line allies, and are likely to reject such a limited web commitment in favor of companies more fully exploiting the interactive possibilities of the WWW.
The next step beyond a simple business-card page is the on-line catalog. The Internet is not, however, just like print advertising. It is a serious mistake to simply build a web duplicate of the text and graphics used in a paper catalog. Send us your paper catalog, and ask for suggestions about converting it into a strong Web presence.
The real strengths of the Web are its immediacy, interactivity, and the sense of community it can create. Ask us how creative, interactive software might be applied to make your on-line presence work to build your corporate image and your sales.
Do We Know Search Engines?
Search for "website design Virginia Beach". We're at the top among nearly 10,000. Same goes for "website design Boston". And only Yahoo! beats us for "Yahoo! design". These are not easy search terms to dominate. Thousands of web design forms are giving it their best to be #1 in these competitive terms.
The Search to Be Seen
Help with search engines and web promotion to get your web site noticedWeb sites do NOT adhere to the old adage, "If you build it, they will come." But what does it take to get your web site noticed? In today's blizzard of messages, it's easy for yours to get lost. We have the expertise to get your web presence noticed. We can help you get heavy traffic to your website.
bullet Search Engine Optimization
bullet Custom listing with all major search engines
bullet Targeted pay-per-click promotion for "Guaranteed" hits
bullet Link Exchange & Affiliate programs
bullet Newsletter development
bullet Select web and traditional media advertising programs
bullet Community building
bullet Design for "stickiness"
 Want a great tool to keep your website at the top of the search listings? We use and recomment Internet Business Promotion (IBP).
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