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Builder2Site--More Website for Less Money
Real estate developers. Are you looking for the perfect solution to a low cost, high quality, up-to-date Web site? If so, you just found it. Our CMS driven Builder2Site package lets you have a powerful, constantly updated Web site without the cost of a webmaster to manage and update it.
      How much can Builder2Site save? Let's consider a small, start up real estate developer as an example. Let's say this builder has one location under development at startup and is offering 4 home models on it. Builder2Site includes the following 26 pages for such a builder's site.
bullet Hard-hitting Home Page custom branded for your business.
bullet Location Page with site map and site info.
bullet 4 Home Overview Pages.
bullet 4 Zoom-In Pages with full-page photo or elevation drawing.
bullet 4 Floor Plan Pages showing the model's plan.
bullet 4 Spec-Sheet Pages showing the detailed specs of each home model.
bullet About Us Page.
bullet Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page.
bullet Find Us Page with mapping and link to driving instructions.
bullet Contact Us Page with contact form.
bullet Site Policy Page (Required by BizRate and other 3rd Party Evaluations sites).
bullet Privacy policy page (Required by BizRate and other 3rd Party Evaluations sites).
bullet Links Page (Vital for SEO)
bullet Site Index
bullet Powerful features like site wide search and much more.

Even better, as soon as this start-up adds a new location or home model, Builder2Site adds all the additional pages and navigation to reflect the additions. Sites can grow to thousands or even hundreds of thousands of pages without any performance problems.

Always Up to Date
Use Bilder2Site to easily keep your site up to date as today.
One of the challenges for a real estate developer is constant change. Homes sell. Yesterday, you had a certain model available, but today it is gone. Old properties are completely built up, and new properties open up for development.
      Until now, your options for managing such change on your website were limited. You could live with a small site with no information about your current developments, pay a kings ransom to a web design firm for daily or weekly updates, or hire an expensive webmaster with the skills to keep your site current using HTML. FTP, Dreamweaver, PhotoShop and such programs.
      Builder2Site provides home builders a powerful, easy-to-use new option to maintain a full-featured, large site and keep it constantly updated with day-to-day changes. And the best news is that anybody with a basic understanding of how to run a PC can do the updating. No HTML or Web skills required. If you know how to use Microsoft WOrd or a similar word processor, you already possess the necessary skills to us Builder2Site.

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