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MyOrders Module--How it Works
We track sales in your store made to any customer who registers for the My Orders feature. When registered customers return, we recognize them. If they click the My Orders icon we take them to a page showing them exactly what they have ordered in each of their previous sessions.
      For each product under each order, there is a separate row. The row shows a small thumbnail of the product, the product name, current pricing and quantity they purchased. All they have to do to buy that item again is click a Reorder checkbox. The default quantity is set to 1 but the user can change that to any quantity they desire.
      When the user clicks Add to Cart all the items and quantities are transferred to the cart. THe customer can reorder a whole cart-load of items just like they always buy without having to click through your store to find each product page. They're happy because it takes them less time to place their reorder. You are happy, because as long as you keep your customers happy, you get more repeat business.
      Consider this. New customer acquisition can be very expensive. How expensive? Add up your annual promotional costs. Pay-per-click advertising, print ads, yellow pages, direct mail, radio, TV, Internet, salaries and overhead for marketing and advertising personnel and/or consultants, office space and utilities for them. Now divide the result by the total number of new customers you acquire in a year.
      Consider that with all free CDs and advertising AOL uses, their cost of customer acquisition have run as high as $350 per customer. And consider that every customer you retain after acquiring them is one less customer you have to pay to acquire. It's just smart business to do everything you reasonably can to hang on to customers once they place that first order with you.
bullet Displays Previous Order Details. Item thumbnail, product name, current price (and sale price if supplied).
bullet Allows Ultra Easy Reordering. Beside each previously ordered item is a Reorder Checkbox. The user just clicks checkboxes of products they wish to reorder.
bullet Allows Modification of Order Quantity. For each item, there is a Quantity to Reorder input box. It defaults to 1 but the user can order multiples by simply typing in the number they desire.
bullet Passes All Reorders to Cart. When the user has selected everything they wish to reorder, they simply click "Add to Cart" and the MyOrders Module passes all the selected info to the shopping cart. Works with a single item or many items.
bullet User Registration Module. Includes a registration and login page for your users with automated lost password recovery via e-mail.
bullet Storeowner Admin Section. User name & password protected. Allows the store owner to log in and update the MyOrders MySQL database after making changes to the Store database using the Store editor.
Repeat Customers Will Love it!
MyOrders Module simplifies repeat ordering and boosts customer retention
If you sell anything that customers order again and again from your store, this tool will simplify your customer's lives and increase your customer retention. Be it over the counter medicines, herbal supplements, health foods, beauty care and cosmetics, work uniforms or office supplies; if customers routinely place repeat orders, the MyOrders Module will make 'em love your store and keep 'em coming back for more.

Site Requirements
Yahoo! Stores must be Merchant Solutions Standard or above. This tool cannot be installed in a legacy Yahoo! Store. This tool can be installed on Unix/Linux platforms with current versions of PHP and MySQL installed.
Pricing (Installed):
Y! MS Std. Store:


Non-Y! Stores

$699.95 & up

For Yahoo! Stores, it is not possible to pass customer name, address etc. into the cart. Price variation for non-Yahoo! stores is driven by what additional info over and above product/s details are passed to the cart.

The back-end for this tool can be customized in many ways. Consult us for pricing of any custom features you desire.

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