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Our NewsBot Makes Publishing Fun & Easy!
Newsletters made easy Collect subscriber info. Compose your newsletter with top-notch formatting and graphics tools. Send it to all subscribers with one click of of the mouse. Police your mailing list, deleting bouncing e-mail addresses and unsubscribe requests automatically. Add new subscribers automatically. No monthly fees, no hosting services, no additional costs. Runs completely on your website!

bullet One-Time Charge. Never pay a monthly or per-newsletter fee.
bullet CMS Based Newsletter Templates. Create Content Management System (CMS) based newsletter templates to avoid changing the design template while creating/editing your newsletter content.
bullet Personalize Your Newsletter. Create unlimited amount of custom fields and perform personalization depending on these fields. You can also include dynamic third party contents in your newsletters based on personalization!
bullet Unlimited Auto Responders with Follow-Up Feature. For each item, there is a Quantity to Reorder input box. It defaults to 1 but the user can order multiples by simply typing in the number they desire.
bullet Easy to Use Import/Export Sections. You can import and export your members into NewsBot easily with the help of NewsBot import/export utilities.
bullet Developed to handle all Sized Mail Lists from Small to Large. You can use NewsBot on small sized lists (i.e. 500 members) and large sized members (i.e. 1 million members).
bullet Virtually Unlimited Mail Lists/Unlimited Members. Create unlimited mail lists with unlimited members. NewsBot will easily handle your mail lists and send your campaigns to recipients.
bullet Outsourced Mail List Capabilities. If your members are stored in another database table (or comma delimited file), you can create outsourced mail lists instead of importing them to NewsBot.
bullet Multiple Administrators. Create multiple administrator accounts with different mail lists. Each administrator will manage their own mail lists.
bullet Recursively Schedule Your Campaigns to be Sent in the Future. You can send your campaigns immediately after creating or set them to be sent in the future recursively. Example: "Send on Friday" or "Send every Friday at 10:00am".
bullet Many More Features! This tool may well be the most feature rich Newsletter Bot available.
Want a Newsletter?
Newsletters are a great source of specialized information
Good newsletters are all the rage on the Internet today. They are fun to read. They bring you highly specialized news about things you find fascinating, news that isn't widely known. They help you gain an insider's view into things you find interesting.
      Newsletters also provide website owners with a direct channel to communicate with their customers and potential customers. You can let interested people know about new developments in your niche and of course alert them to special bargains available only to subscribers.

Site Requirements
Yahoo! Stores must be Merchant Solutions Starter or above. This tool cannot be installed in a legacy Yahoo! Store. This tool can be installed on Unix/Linux platforms with current versions of PHP and MySQL installed. PHP v4.1 or above (PHP v5 is supported), session support (default), magic quotes should be turned on (default). MySQL v3.23 or above.
Pricing (Installed):


The back-end for this tool can be customized in many ways. Consult us for pricing of any custom features you desire.

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