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 What & Why of Search Engine Optimization
SEO is all the buzz today. Just about all ecommerce store managers are aware that it takes more than just building a Web site to wind up on the first page of Google's results. Search for a common term like men's pants. At the time of this writing, Google showed 3,400,000 results. And research shows that the bulk of searchers click on result #1. Prof Thorsten Joachims et al of Cornell University found that 42% click the first result. 8% go for number two and the remaining 50% are spread almost entirely over the remaining 8 results. It's very clear that you must be in the top few positions to get any appreciable traffic from free search.
      So why not just use pay-per-click, you might reason. PPC is generally a part of a comprehensive Web marketing strategy. Used properly, it can help drive new customer acquisition. But relying on it as a sole method of driving traffic is suicidal. The reason is that PPC advertising works along an auction model. Top results go to high bidders. And when you are bidding for top slots against another store that gets 75% of their orders from free search, guess who has deeper pockets to win the bidding war.

What Does ET do to Otmize my Site?
bullet 5-Page Quick-Start site Summer Garden themeOur SEO is ONLY offered as part of a new Website Development or Web Page Makeover. We KNOW we can't do the job justice without tearing into the structure of the site, so that's step 1.
bullet Yes, our work does include META tags. We do NOT used automated scripts to extract meta information from page content. They do a terrible job. It takes a human touch to write good Title tags and avoid overdoing it with Keywords. We give you inputs to enter unique Title, META Keywords and META description tags on every single page.
bullet We clean up your HTML and get scripts off the page where they belong. We ditch deprecated FONT tags and HTML styling, and replace it with more powerful CSS as required by current specs. This results in pages where the content doesn't have to figth with tons of clutter to be found by search spiders.
bullet We make sure that your important keywords are in all the strategic locations on your pages. Our page-builder scripts are designed to turn out beautifully optimized pages as you continue to add content to your site.
Ready to Start?
Contact us and find out how little it takes to make your site spider friendly.
 Don't all Developers do SEO?
It certainly does seem that all Web site designers now claim to be SEO gurus. One way to test the truth of such claims is to search for their own top keywords or phrases and see how their site scores in major search engines. Look also at their portfolio and see if they have helped any of their clients rise to lofty first-page rankings. Truth be told, many Web designers are so clueless when it comes to SEO that their efforts may actually do more harm than good.

Watch out for Rip-Off Artists!
Watch out for SEO rip-offsWith SEO being such a vital part of success for Web stores, it's little surprise that tons of schemers and scammers have rushed in to fleece unsuspecting merchants. Here are a few signs of a charlatan.
      Beware of unsolicited phone calls and e-mail contacts. Any real SEO expert stays so busy they have no need of such marketing methods.
      Beware of experts that insist they can optimize your site without any structural changes. At best, they will apply a few META tags that will do little or nothing for your search results. At worst, they may have in mind black-hat SEO tricks such as doorway pages, hidden text and the like. Use of any such tricks is easy for search engines to detect and sure to get you banished to outer Slobovia.
      Finally, beware of SEO guys who somehow haven't gotten around to optimizing their own site. If they are either too clueless or too lazy to serve themselves, you don't want them serving you.
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