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Best Advertising--Word of Mouth
Let your satisfied customers help spread the word about your store. With our Send-a-Friend button on every page, users find it easy to send your site URL to a friend.
      Customize the text to your specs. For instance, if you sell items that are often given as gifts, you might use the script to let users send a gift hint to a friend or relative.
bullet Free Marketing. With the Send-a-Friend script installed, every visitor to your store is a potential advertiser. And the best part is you don't have to pay for their advertising efforts.
bullet Automatically Appears on Every Page. Even new pages you add in the future will have the Send-a-Friend button.
bullet Not Just More Traffic, More Sales. Referrals from trusted friends and associates are visitors who are likely to trust your store, visitors who are prone to buy from you.
bullet Fully Customizable Message. Customize the subject line and body content of the e-mail invitation to suit your marketing needs. YOu can even change the message at will to suit sales or seasons.
bullet Doesn't Look Like SPAM. Send-a-Friend works through your visitor's e-mail client. Messages are sent to their associates from their e-mail address, with their user name. The Send-a-Friend messages won't get thrown out with the junk mail..

Actual E-mail Sample
Sned-a-Friend e-mail marketing tool

Send-a-Friend Marketing Tool
Send-a-friend JavaScript viral marketing
Our Send-a-Friend marketing tool puts a clickable link or button on every page of your store. When a visitor clicks to Send-a-Friend, their e-mail client pops alive and gives them a pre-made e-mail with the subject line and message body already completed and your site URL pasted in as a link. All they have to do is add the e-mail address of their friend and hit the send button.
      We can set up the script to provide a Send-a-Friend link in your left navigation or use a graphic button. We have lots of buttons to choose from, and can develop custom buttons to match your needs (custom art not included in the basic script pricing).

Site Requirements
This option is available for both Legacy and Merchant Solutions Yahoo! Stores. In addition, this tool can be installed on most other cart platforms. Contact us for feasibility and pricing for non Yahoo! carts.
Pricing (Installed):


This option is included with our standard Yahoo! Store. Pricing here is for adding it to an existing store. Pricing assumes standard templates. If your store uses custom templates, please consult us for an installation quote.

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