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Tools to Supercharge Your Web Site
To achieve top notch results, you have to have the right tools. Get the tools to put your site into high gear.
Tools let your web site work more efficiently
We have developed a powerful suite of tools that can be easily integrated into new or existing sites to add value and sales appeal. Look at the bullet list to the right. Pick and tool or tools you want. We can provide it to you with installation instructions if you're used to installing scripts, or you can include our optional installation service.

Website Enhancement Modules
We also encourage you to check out these fine tools from other vendors. Each provides a powerful plus to the performance of a web site.
bullet Aweber E-Mail Marketing & Autoresponder
bullet IBP Keep Your Site Tuned for Search Engines
bullet LinksManager Automated Link Building System
bullet PayPal Credit Card & E-Check Payment Account

Don't See What You Need?
If it's something other website owners might want, and you are willing to let us add it to our list of standard offerings, we can provide it to you at a small fraction of the cost for custom programming of such a function. E-mail us and let's talk about it.

Important Note:
Sorry, but these tools are NOT available for installation on sites not developed by ET Productions. To purchase any of these options, you must have your site built or made over by us. 

Website Enhancement Modules
We are developing a growing suite of tools (or modules). Current offerings include:
bullet Ads2income Ad Sales
bullet BookmarkMe Script
bullet Breadcrumb Navigation
bullet Bulletizer List Formatter
bullet Cart Integration
bullet Cross-Sells
bullet Customer Reviews
bullet Dash-of-Flash
bullet Discounting Module
bullet Exit-Polling Tool
bullet FroogleFeed
bullet KnowledgebaseBuilder
bullet Last Revision Script
bullet LinkBuilder Integration
bullet MyOrders Reorder Module
bullet NewsBot Newsletter Tool
bullet PayPal Integration
bullet Product MagnifyPlus
bullet Section Page AutoSort
bullet Send-A-Friend Viral Marketing
bullet SlideShow Director
bullet WebEdit CMS
bullet XML Parsing Engine for Newsfeeds, etc.
bullet Zip2 Nearest Location

Yahoo! Store Compatible!
Yahoo! Stores Compatible
All these tools can be integrated into an existing Yahoo! Store. NOTE: Some tools may require that you upgrade your Yahoo! Service to the new Merchant Solutions Standard level.
      We have additional tools and enhancements that are programmed in Yahoo!'s proprietary RTML language and thus specific to Yahoo! Stores. For a listing of these tools, see our Yahoo! Stores page.


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