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Web Design and Development Services--HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CGI and Flash Animation

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Web Design that Works!
Whether you are looking for an affordable "Business Starter Site" or a complex, database driven custom e-commerce solution, we have the technology and expertise to meet your needs.
      Don't make the mistake of shopping by price alone. In advertising, cheaper is NOT necessarily better. It's not the scalpel that delivers the miracles of modern medicine, it's the skill of the surgeon. Here are a few of the "wonders" we've wrought with our web design skills., A Sunset Mortgage CompanyThis Yahoo! Store had been limping along with ho-hum sales for four years. Throughout that period, sales had remained esentially flat, and in 2006 they had actually started to sag. The owner knew it was time for a major makeover and after studying the work of a number of Yahoo! Store developers, he turned to us to give his store a real boost in sales.
      We completed the makeover April 1, 2006. In the first 2 months after the makeover, his sales were 4 times revenues of the same period in 2005. Read more... home page on Yahoo! StoresStarting in 1998, we helped build their market share to a dominant position in Internet retailing of home sewing machines. They're now number 1 worldwide.
      This year, they turned to us again to revamp the look, feel and navigation of their Yahoo! Store. Read more...
Harnessed Technology
Do you need a simple site that even the oldest browsers can read or a state of the art interactive multimedia extravaganza? Tell us what you're trying to do and we can help you answer that question. Whichever is right for you, we have the technology to give you what you need.
bullet HTML, DHTML & XML Markup that works in all major browsers.
bullet Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to W3C Standards.
bullet JavaScript, Perl CGIs Programming & SSIs.
bullet Flash animations with or without sound.
bullet Streaming sound, video and webcam development.
bullet W3C Standards including compliance with handicapped access laws.
bullet Back end programming in C++ and Java backends for WinNT and UNIX servers.
bullet Design for search engine success.
Web design services
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