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You Can Have a RSS News Feed
XML Parsing Engine--RSS newsfeeds made simple
Imagine the latest headlines and stories about the exact topic area you cover automatically displayed or scrolled on your website. Your website information may not change every few minutes, but a newsfeed will. Without your even lifting a finger, your content will always have the breaking news of the hour, tightly focused on the subject matter your site covers.
bullet Visitors See You as a Info Source. Your visitors come to your site because they are looking for an authority on subject matter that interests them. Don't disappoint them. Show them the breaking news in your subject area.
bullet Encourages Regular Visits. Your core visitors come to your site because they see you as an information resource in an area that interests them. Give them up-to-the-minute news and they will bookmark your site and read it regularly.
bullet Context Sensitive Formatting. Our XML Parsing ENgine can read context clues embedded in the RSS feed and format News based on whether a chunk of content is a Headline, byline, image, caption or paragraph text. Without any intervention, you get news that looks like a professional typographer formatted it.

Current News on Your Site
Give your visitors up-to-the-minute news about the topics you cover. Make your site more interesting. Your visitors, who are interested in your subject matter, will want to bookmark your site and visit regularly to see what's happening in your topical area.
      RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a broad umbrella format for news aggregation.  Our XML Parsing Engine is a flexible tool that can be configured to parse and display on your sites RSS 0.91. 1.0 and 2.0.

Site Requirements
This option is available for Merchant Solutions Yahoo! Stores. In addition, this tool can be installed on most other PHP/MySQL cart platforms. Contact us for feasibility and pricing for non Yahoo! carts.
Pricing (Installed):


This covers adding a front page newsfeed with content displayed in a right column. For other or more comprehensive arrangements, please consult us for feasibility and pricing.

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