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 Available Templates
ET Productions has a large and growing collection of high-quality templates. If you want a template site for a business you think would fit the template model, and you don't find it here, contact us. There's a good chance we can develop a template to fit your needs.
      Pick the template set that's right for you. Click any of the links below. They'll open in a separate window. You can just close it to get back here.
bullet 5-Page Quick-Start site Summer Garden themeQuick-Start Site--This 5-page site meets the start-up needs of most small businesses. It's inspired by the bold color swatches of artist, Piet Mondrian. Available in 12 attractive palettes.
bullet Quick-Start template for Religious sitesReligious Site--A highly flexible and attractive template for a church or religious organization. This product adjusts to your size needs, with up to 18 sections and unlimited pages in each section.
bullet Quick-Start template for security businessesSecurity Site--Patriotic theme to inspire customers and supercharge your business. One of our Security Site template set. Flexible number of sections (up to 12) with unlimited pages per section.
bullet Quick-Start template for sites with military themesSea Power Site--Naval Power theme with stunning sea-power graphics. One of our Security Site template set. Flexible number of sections (up to 12) with unlimited pages per section.
 What Is a Template?
A template is a framework of graphics, layout, and color scheme into which your unique content can be poured. Templates are like the ready-to-wear of the clothing industry. Some people want (and can afford) expensive, one-of-a-kind designer clothes. Others figure that what you put in the off-the-shelf version is more important.

Is a Template Right for Me?
We know the technology, but we don't overwhelm you with geek speak.Does your business have a specific look you want carried into your web site design? Are you building logo and corporate color awareness? If so, the extra cost of a custom design is probably worth it to you. Template sites are best suited to the needs of small or start-up businesses that can't really afford to build brand awareness and logo identity today.
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